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SumTotal Talent Training is series of online courses that cover the most popular Talent administration modules. These self-paced e-learning courses include orientations, introductions, demonstrations, cover processes process in detail, and more. The Framework classes provide a system overview. Take those first, then complete training for the modules you’ve licensed: Performance, Succession, 360, and Compensation.

  • Need ideas on dashboard layouts and configurations? We’ve got you covered. Use the tutorial and tools in this folder to access the concepts and source files you need to build your own powerful dashboard solutions.
  • Training many administrators in your company? Launch these courses from your own Learn portal! Publish the SCORM files as they are or customize the training for your company using the Articulate Storyline files.

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Take these two courses to understand the basic features and functionality of the Talent system. The first course orients your project team; the second teaches you to administer the product.

This overview of SumTotal Talent includes how to navigate the system, locate Administrator tasks, and access employee information. You will also learn about security profile roles, competencies and development in the system.

  • Duration: Approximately 20 minutes
  • FREE: Register

Learn where and how you to complete the administrator tasks in the system. Watch demonstrations and see examples of how to manage user tasks, run batch jobs, edit competencies, and more.

  • Duration: Approximately 45 minutes
  • FREE: Register

sumtotal PERFORMANCE product orientation

Take these two courses to understand Performance Management. The first course orients your project team; the second teaches you to administer the product.

This orientation to the Talent Performance module includes an overview of the SumTotal Performance Process, goal management, key configuration decisions necessary for implementation, the use of Continuous Feedback and 1:1 Journal, and the performance assessment.

  • Duration: Approximately 30 minutes
  • FREE: Register

This course introduces the main tools and concepts of Goals and Performance Management, covering some of the key activities in the overall process. You will learn to create and cascade an organizational goal, navigate the Performance module as an end user, and make adjustments using various tasks as an administrator.

  • Duration: Approximately 50 minutes
  • FREE: Register

Sumtotal sUCCESSION Product orientation

Take these two courses to understand Succession Planning. The first course orients your project team; the second teaches you to administer the module.

This product orientation gives you an overview of tools, features and process steps of the Succession Planning module. This e-learning module begins with an overview of Succession Planning, then explains key tools, concepts and features, including: Employee Profile, Organizational Chart, Position Workspace, and Talent Explorer.

  • Duration: Approximately 30 minutes
  • FREE: Register

This course is an introduction to an administrator's role in Succession Planning. It covers the end-to-end succession planning process at a high level, then goes into detail about managing positions and gathering employee data through the Resume and succession assessments.

  • Duration: Approximately 45 minutes
  • FREE: Register

sumtotal 360 FEEDBACK product orientation

Take these two courses to understand 360 Feedback. The first course orients your project team; the second teaches you to administer the module.

Learn the main concepts and tools of the 360 Feedback module, identify the steps, and outline individual roles and responsibilities of each participant in the 360 Feedback process.

  • Duration: Approximately 30 minutes
  • FREE: Register

This course begins with a review of what you learned in the 360 Feedback Product Orientation course such as its features, tools, and process flows. It then explains how to create or edit a 360 Assessment Survey, describes the steps of 360 Feedback Process, and demonstrates how to execute 360 Feedback processes.

  • Duration: Approximately 1 hour
  • FREE: Register

sumtotal COMPENSATION product orientation

Take these two courses to understand the SumTotal Compensation module. The first course orients your project team; the second teaches you to administer the module.

This course introduces you to elements of the Compensation process. It orients you to types of budgeting systems and shows you how the product enables your organization to perform compensation and budget planning across the workforce.

  • Duration: Approximately 30 minutes
  • FREE: Register

After completing the Orientation, take this course to learn to administer the product. Learn to administer and manage compensation plans, as well as budget plans and worksheets. The course includes demonstrations and step-by-step training, as well as links to key documents.

  • Duration: Approximately 60 minutes
  • FREE: Register


This three-part certification track will enable you to use Advanced Reporting Administrator functionality for Talent. In part one, you will be required to pass a test on basic SQL functionality. In part two, you must pass a quick assessment that covers using the SumTotal Data Model. (You will be able to access Advanced Reporting Documentation to aide you in this.) In the final segment, you will move through domain creation functionality and best practices in a short PPT and take a quick assessment. Upon passing this assessment, you will be certified as an Administrator with rights to create Custom Domains in Advanced Reporting.

  • Duration:3 Hours
  • FREE: Register


Explore the SumTotal Onboarding feature and its configuration options. This feature requires separate license and is a part of Core Platform features.

  • Duration: Approximately 40 minutes
  • FREE: Register

Read About It


Get started with product documentation today! You can find system resources in the Talent documentation library. Choose your version, then download these files to get started.

  1. What’s New gives you a quick overview of the features new to that particular version.
  2. Talent Administrator Guides: These guides, which are available for every module including the Talent Framework, cover the Administrator tasks and tools in each area of the Talent suite.

Learn More


TALENT ADVANCED ADMINISTRATION: Advanced Administrators need to know more! Check out the in-depth classes below.

User Experience
  • Office Hours (June 22, 2021) - Open Badges Recording | Reference
  • Office Hours (Apr 15, 2021) - 21.2 Nav Bar UI Changes Recording
  • Office Hours (Feb 2, 2021) - Navigation Bar Features Recording | Reference
  • Amp Up Engagement with Gamification Recording | Reference
  • Creating an Irresistible User Experience Recording | Reference
  • Working with Onboarding Recording | Reference
  • PES Insights  Recording | Reference
  • Brand It Managing Your Site's Themes Recording | Reference
  • Increase Usability with Custom Help Recording | Reference
  • Creating Effective Dashboards Recording | Reference
  • Core Platform Theming Walkthrough and Demonstration (June 2019)

Talent Administration

  • Office Hours (August 10, 2022) - SumTotal Marketplace Overview Recording
  • Office Hours (August 09, 2022) - MyLearning and Timeline - Current and Future Updates Recording
  • Office Hours (Sept 29, 2021) - The Human Element of Development  Recording | Reference
  • Office Hours - Get Involved: SumTotal Feedback Programs  Recording | Reference
  • Office Hours - Talent Engagement with a Remote Workforce (Learn and Talent)  Recording | Reference
  • Office Hours - 20.2 Powering Your Creative Onboarding Processes Using Initiatives (Learn and Talent)  Recording | Reference
  • Improving the Administrator Experience-The New Administration Menu  Recording | Reference
  • Performance Management Data Workflow (Mar 2017)
  • Performance Task Management (Jan 2017)
  • Performance Notification Management (Feb 2017)
  • How does Performance Data appear in Native Reports (Jan 2016)
  • Continuous Feedback (Mar 2017)
  • What is 360 and how is it managed (Nov 2015)
  • 360 Feedback (Mar 2017)
  • Competencies, Skills, and Behaviors (Apr 2017)


    • SumTotal Mobile Experience  Recording | Reference

    Core Administration

    • Office Hours (Jun 17, 2022) - Upskilling your workforce with SumTotal Talent Development Recording
    • Office Hours - Security Update  Recording | Reference
    • Office Hours - Bridge the Communication Gap SumTotal Social Communities  Recording | Reference
    • SOCIAL LEARNING JUMPSTART: How to use SumTotal Social Communities to Help your Organization Deal with COVID-19  Recording | Reference
    • Working with Core Security Groups and Permissions Recording | Reference
    • Overview of the Security Model Recording | Reference
    • Data Import and User Creation Best Practices (Mar 2017)


    • Planned Changes to Reporting Removing References for All Synonyms  Recording | Reference
    • Planned Changes to Reporting Backward Compatible Views  Recording | Reference
    • Advanced Reporting Preparing for Upcoming Changes Recording | Reference
    • Advanced Reporting: Out of Box Domains and How They Are Populated in AR
    • Advanced Reporting Administrator Training

    Technical Training

    • Office Hours - SumTotal Authentication Frameworks and MFA Recording | Reference
    • REST API Update Progress and the Roadmap Recording | Reference
    • Best Practices for Data Migration and Import Recording | Reference | Q&A
    • Troubleshooting Integration Synch Issues (Talent and Growth Edition) (Feb 2017)
    • Working with Web Services Recording | Reference
    • Exploring Rest API  Recording | Reference
    • Configuring and Coding Rest API Calls  Recording | Reference
    • Authenticating and Calling SumTotal User API using C# Sample Code  Recording Sample Code)