SumTotal Learning Management

New to Learning Management? Here’s Your Quick Start

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Start learning about your SumTotal product right away! Follow these easy steps to create your own Quick Start experience – from taking the free orientation and online administrator training, completing the public class, downloading documentation, and launching other activities to enhance your expertise. Click each step to read more about it, or scroll to learn about all aspects of your quick start.

  • Training many administrators in your company? Launch these courses from your own Learn portal! Publish the SCORM files as they are or customize the training for your company using the Articulate Storyline files.
  • Need ideas on dashboard layouts and configurations? We’ve got you covered. Use the tutorial and tools in this folder to access the concepts and source files you need to build your own powerful dashboard solutions.

Orient Yourself


SumTotal Learn product orientation curriculum introduces you to the Learn application. Successful completion of this curriculum prepares you for the Essentials of SumTotal Learn online course curriculum.

Register for the entire curriculum here , or just access training you need to know today.
  • Learn Introduction and Overview
    Discover SumTotal Learn, an easy-to-use, powerful learning management system that helps you manage knowledge resources and training.

    • Duration: 40 minutes
    • FREE: Register
  • Learn Objects and Object Relationships
    Explore the structure of SumTotal Learn. Discover how Learn captures the relationships that exist between users, jobs, organizations, and training. Then find out how objects are organized into functional groups called domains. Learn how to manage security roles and permissions to define what a user can access in Learn.

    • Duration: 30 minutes
    • FREE: Register
  • Learn User Accounts and Audiences
    Explore how user accounts are created and managed in Learn. Leverage jobs to group users by common skills required to perform a certain set of tasks. Learn how you can leverage audiences to permit or restrict groups of users from accessing training, registering for training, or occupying seats.

    • Duration: 30 minutes
    • FREE: Register
  • Learn Create, Organize, and Manage Learning Activities
    Explore learning activities. Examine each one of the more than twenty learning activity types and learn where administrators go to create and manage learning activities. Discover how learning activities are organized in the Library- the main repository for all learning activities in Learn. Review Learn notifications- built-in messages to assist with everyday training needs and management or administrative duties. Briefly review data migration.

    • Duration: 30 minutes
    • FREE: Register

Take Administration Training


SumTotal Learn Essential Series is a virtual course that covers basic to advance systems administration in the SumTotal Learn module. This series is broken into two required sections, Essentials and Expanded Essentials:

  1. Part 1: SumTotal Learn Essentials Online Training
    The Learn Essentials curriculum begins with an introduction to the Core Platform. Learn how to navigate the Platform, use Enterprise Search, create dashboards, and set Platform security. From there, learn how to maximize the learner experience. Learn how to find training, register for training, assign training, launch and track training, and build audiences. Finally, learn how to build learning activities. Learn how to upload online content and documentation, create resources (locations, instructors, etc.), create live training events, and build curricula. Successful completion of this curriculum prepares you for the live Expanded Essentials of SumTotal Learn training.

        Register for the entire curriculum here or just access training you need to know today.
      • Introduction to the Core Platform
        In this course, we introduce you to the SumTotal Talent Expansion suite, the only talent management solution that connects the critical capabilities you need to recruit, engage, develop and reward your workforce.
        From there, we provide a high-level introduction to the SumTotal Core Platform, your entry point into the product.

        • Duration: 45 minutes
        • FREE: Register
      • Find, Launch, and Track Training
        Learn how users search and browse for training using the Enterprise Search and Library features. Learn how to organize your training into topics, making it easier for users to find the training they need when they need it.
        From there, we review how your users register for training, find their training assignments, and launch and track training.

        • Duration: 45 minutes
        • FREE: Register
      • Assign Training to Users
        Explore SumTotal Learn audiences- groups of users that control access to learning materials.
        Assign training to selected users, organizations, jobs, and audiences.

        • Duration: 15 Minutes
        • FREE: Register
      • Create or Upload Training
        In this course, we explore how to create training opportunities, known as learning activities in Learn. Learn how to upload online content and documentation, create live training classes, build complex learning structure, and assign resources to training.

        • Duration: 45 minutes
        • FREE: Register
  1. Part 2: SumTotal Learn Expanded Essentials
    SumTotal Professional Services offers Expanded Essentials Training that can be virtual or onsite and customized to cover topics relevant to  your business use of the LMS.  For more information, contact your Customer Success Manager/Account Manager, who will coordinate an introductory call with your regional Professional Service Practice Director and custom scope your training needs.

Read About It



Access the Learn documentation library to find resources aligned to your version of the SumTotal Learn Platform and download these basic items.

  1. What’s New gives you a quick overview of the features new to that particular version.
  2. Administering Enterprise Learning is an overview of how to modify and change system settings for your SumTotal Learn. Covers topics like adding new Resources, Notifications, Modifying home page design, Working with domains, and more!
  3. Training Administrator Guide is an overview of how to manage and create learning activities. It covers topics such as creating activities, assigning training by audience, notifying learners, assigning resources and instructors, and creating complex learning structures. Published in Word, you can customize this guide for your own launch and training.
  4. Instructor Guide is an overview of how to act as an instructor in Learn Enterprise. Learn how to manage rosters, assign training, register learners, download rosters and name tents for class, and mark learner completion scores. Published in Word, you can customize this guide for your own launch and training.
  5. Manager Guide is an overview of using the manager tasks to monitor your employee’s training progress. Learn how to monitor training completions at a glance, assign training, register your employee for a specific training time, create and manage on-the-job training instances, and more! Published in Word, you can customize this guide for your own launch and training.
  6. Learner Guide is an overview of using learner functions. This document shows your learners how to search for training to improve your performance, track and complete training that is assigned to you, register for activities that fit your schedule, and launch self-paced training. Published in Word, you can customize this guide for your own launch and training.

Learn More


LEARN ADVANCED ADMINISTRATION: Advanced Administrators need to know more! Check out the in-depth classes below.

User Experience
  • Office Hours (Mar 22, 2022) - Skillsoft Bootcamps, Leadercamps - What's New and How it flows in Learn Recording
  • Office Hours (Mar 4, 2022) - SumTotal Intelligent Assistant - Integration with MS Teams Recording
  • PES Updates: SumTotal Percipio Integration RoadMap Recording | Reference
  • Amp Up Engagement with Gamification Recording | Reference
  • Creating an Irresistible User Experience Recording | Reference
  • Working with Onboarding Recording | Reference
  • Introducing SIA, SumTotal Intelligent Assistant Recording
  • Brand It Managing Your Site's Themes Recording | Reference
  • Increase Usability with Custom Help Recording | Reference
  • Creating Effective Dashboards Recording | Reference | Recorded Q&A
  • Amp Up Engagement with the New SumTotal Learner Experience Recording | Reference


  • SumTotal Mobile Experience Recording | Reference
  • Creating Content for Mobile Q&A

Core Administration

  • Office Hours (Jun 17, 2022) - Upskilling your workforce with SumTotal Talent Development Recording
  • Office Hours (Sep 14, 2020) - Security Update Recording | Reference
  • Office Hours - Bridge the Communication Gap SumTotal Social Communities Recording | Reference
  • SumTotal Product Extensibility-Introducing Webhooks and OData APIs with an update on REST APIs Recording | Reference
  • SOCIAL LEARNING JUMPSTART: How to use SumTotal Social Communities to Help your Organization Deal with COVID-19 Recording | Reference
  • Working with Core Security Groups and Permissions Recording | Reference
  • Overview of the Security Model Recording | Reference


  • Reporting Solutions & How To Training Recording | Reference
  • Planned Changes to Reporting Removing Original RM Domains Recording | Reference
  • Planned Changes to Reporting Backward Compatible Views Recording | Reference
  • Advanced Reporting Preparing for Upcoming Changes Recording | Reference
  • Advanced Reporting Administrator Training

    Technical Training

    • Office Hours - SumTotal Authentication Frameworks and MFA Recording | Reference
    • REST API Update Progress and the Roadmap Recording | Reference
    • Best Practices for Data Migration and Import Recording | Reference | Recorded Q&A
    • Working with Web Services Recording | Reference
    • Exploring Rest API Recording | Reference
    • Configuring and Coding Rest API Calls Recording | Reference
    • Authenticating and Calling SumTotal User API using C# Sample Code Recording | Sample Code

    Learn Administration

    • Office Hours (August 10, 2022) - SumTotal Marketplace Overview Recording
    • Office Hours (August 09, 2022) - MyLearning and Timeline - Current and Future Updates Recording
    • Office Hours (July 26, 2022) - Credly Backpack Server Integration with SumTotal Recording
    • Office Hours (Nov 4, 2021) - ServiceNow Integration for SumTotal Learning Management Recording | Additional Recording
    • Office Hours (Oct 7, 2021) - New Navigation Updates for 21.3 Recording | Reference
    • Office Hours (June 22, 2021) - Open Badges Recording | Reference
    • Office Hours (May 13, 2021) - 21.2 New Nav Bar Refresher 2 Recording | Reference
    • Office Hours (Apr 29, 2021) - 21.2 New Nav Bar Refresher 1 Recording | Reference
    • Office Hours (Apr 15, 2021) - 21.2 Nav Bar UI Changes Recording | Reference
    • Office Hours (Mar 26, 2021) - 21.1 Data Export - GamificationRecording | Reference
    • Office Hours (Feb 2, 2021) - Navigation Bar Features Recording | Reference
    • Office Hours (Nov 6, 2020) - Get Involved: SumTotal Feedback Programs Recording | Reference
    • Office Hours (Apr 2, 2020) - SumTotal Percipio Integration Updates Recording | Reference
    • Office Hours - Enterprise Search Learning Management Updates & Search Configurations Recording | Reference
    • Office Hours - Curriculum Enhancement Updates Recording | Reference
    • Office Hours - Talent Engagement with a Remote Workforce (Learn and Talent) Recording | Reference
    • Office Hours - The New Administrator Workspace Recording | Reference
    • Office Hours - 20.2 Powering Your Creative Onboarding Processes Using Initiatives (Learn and Talent) Recording | Reference
    • Improving the Administrator Experience-The New Administration Menu Recording | Reference
    • 20.1 Learning Management Ask A Question Recording | Reference
    • 2020 Preview and Fireside Chat Recording | Reference
    • Best Practices for Integrating Your Third Party Content Recording | Reference
    • Mastering Observation Checklists Recording | Reference
    • Mastering Quick Assessments Recording | Reference
    • Working with SCORM Courses Recording | Reference
    • Mastering Versioning Recording | Reference
    • Demystifying Notifications Recording | Reference
    • Complex Curricula - UsingTracks to optimize learner experience Recording | Reference
    • Curriculum vs Training Plans (Aug 2017)
    • Best Practices for Course Creation (Sept. 2016)
    • Demystifying xAPI and What’s Next Recording | Reference
    • Certifications-Retraining (May 2017)

    Upgrading your LMS?

    If you’re upgrading from a previous version of the product, consider these options as you plan:

        1. Consolidated What’s New: If you’re upgrading from a previous version of SumTotal Learn, check the Product Documentation folder for the Consolidated What’s New This file contains all feature enhancements from 8.2 to the version you select.
        2. Delta Training: Professional Services can arrange a custom training class for you that tailors learning to specific feature enhancements that will benefit your organization. Contact your account manager for more information.


    Adding a Learning Module?

      1. Considering a new Learning Module? You can “learn all about it” using our advanced topics. Documentation covers all modules, including:
        • Working with eCommerce
        • Content Versioning
        • Introduction to Collaboration
        • Implementing Approvals
        • Data Archiving
        • Tracking Continuing Education
      2. Professional Services can also deliver customized consulting on how you can implement the module and leverage its features. Reach out to your account manager for more information.