SumTotal Core Platform

SumTotal Core Platform

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SumTotal offers an all-new Core Platform with a streamlined user interface, user profile enhancements and centralized administration of common objects.

Administrator training is online, self-paced and free of charge. Take any of our self-paced, interactive classes to learn more about the platform benefits and how to use it. Download product documentation for details and specifications.

Training many administrators in your company? Launch these courses from your own Learn portal! Publish the SCORM files as they are or customize the training for your company using the Articulate Storyline files.


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  1. Core Introduction & Overview
    In this course, we introduce you to the SumTotal Talent Expansion suite, the only talent management solution that connects the critical capabilities you need to recruit, engage, develop and reward your workforce.
    From there, we provide a high-level introduction to the SumTotal Core Platform, your entry point into the product.
    • Duration: 40 minutes
    • FREE: Register
  2. Hierarchies, Organizations, and Domains
    Companies can include hundreds or even thousands of employees. These employees can be grouped into departments or functional units. Each group has different training and development needs.
    In this course, we explore how SumTotal?s hierarchies, organizations, and domains provide structure to your company by defining the relationship of users and other objects to certain company attributes.
    • Duration: 20 minutes
    • FREE: Register
  3. Users and Jobs
    In this course, we explore how user accounts are created and managed in SumTotal. From there, we reveal how jobs are used to group users to perform a certain set of tasks.
    • Duration: 25 minutes
    • FREE: Register
  4. Platform Security Framework
    The SumTotal suite includes a robust security framework that enables organizations to finely control what users can see and do, depending on a variety of criteria. Every function and page in the system has backing security that determines whether the user can see, make changes to, and execute functions on the page. As an administrator, you can control this access by configuring the necessary security components.
    • Duration: 20 minutes
    • FREE: Register
  5. Theming
    This course explores Core Platform theming. The system comes with five standard themes, but you can create custom themes that change the look and feel of user environments, allowing organizations to highlight their corporate branding.
    • Duration: 20 minutes
    • FREE: Register
  6. Dashboard and Widgets
    This course gives an overview of dashboards, dashboard pages, and widgets. Dashboards help you to view important information all in one place and are made up of pages and widgets, some of which are configurable.
    • Duration: 20 minutes
    • FREE: Register
  7. Creating your Dashboard
    Need ideas on dashboard layouts and configurations? We’ve got you covered. Use the tutorial and tools in this folder to access the concepts and source files you need to build your own powerful dashboard solutions.
    • Duration: 30 minutes
    • FREE: Register
  8. Acting as Others
    This course covers several ways in which you can manage others’ tasks within the SumTotal Suite. Being able to manage tasks for others is a way to streamline organizational efficiency.
    • Duration: 20 minutes
    • FREE: Register
  9. Onboarding / Initiatives
    This course orients you with the new SumTotal Onboarding module. This e-learning module begins with an overview of key concepts on Onboarding and goes on to explain the purpose, the process steps involved in the Preboarding and Onboarding phases, and the configurations needed.
    • Duration: 40 minutes
    • FREE: Register
  10. Resume
    In this course, we explore the Core Platform Resume. We begin with an introduction to the Resume, specifically how to navigate to it, its layout, and the features available to users. From there, we explore how administrators configure each section of the Resume and the available widgets. We conclude with a review of Resume skills.
    • Duration: 30 minutes
    • FREE: Register

Gamification Essentials

Learn all about the SumTotal Gamification Feature including Basics of Gamification, Configuration, and Best Practices.

  • Duration: 2 hours
  • FREE: Register


Explore the SumTotal Onboarding feature and its configuration options. This feature requires separate license and is a part of Core Platform features.

  • Duration: Approximately 40 minutes
  • FREE: Register

Read About It


Access the Core Platform documentation library to find resources aligned to your version of the Core Platform (18.1 and prior). For releases newer than 18.1, please see the Documentation tab of the Learning Management Community.  What’s New gives you a quick overview of the features in the latest release.

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